VoxelBox released this version on Feb 13, 2017

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  • fix behaviour of erode brushes on ties to match older behaviour
  • fix selecting large trees with the tree brush
  • update jockey brush for latest spongeapi changes
  • add configuration for expiring player data after a period of time
  • actually load configuration, a new configuration file will be created on first load
  • reload configuration when /sponge reload is called
  • add ChangeBrushSizeEvent
  • fix error with splatter brushes
  • add --legacy flag to stencil brush to specify loading/saving the stencil with the mcedit schematic format
  • disable three-point circle brush
  • fix large trees not displaying properly in the info message
  • fix splatter brush parameters not being able to be set properly
  • fix overlay brush with gunpowder not adding a new layer of blocks