Vectrix / Guardian AntiCheat

An extensible anticheat plugin for Sponge.



Vectrix released this version on Sep 2, 2018

1.7 MB

🔱 Guardian v7.1.0-4.0.0-428

This release is for testing purposes and shouldn’t be used on a live production server. Always backup your server first!

This update fixes some some minor compatibility issues, tunes the detections and changes the notification formatting. This update requires you to delete your current configuration!

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fix teleportation compatibility issues occurring from plugins, vanilla, etc.
  • Fix incorrect severity math on horizontal and vertical speed checks.
  • Change notification formatting.
  • Remove existing sequences when creating a bypass ticket.
  • Fix incorrect bypass stage condition.
  • Tune walk and sprint control values for configuration. New configuration required!