An extensible anticheat plugin for Sponge.

Important Note: I’ve released this with the idea others could assist in testing this plugin and report any issues to me to further development. Please do not put this onto your server with the assumption that it will work perfectly, because it certainly will not. This is not ready for servers on production!


An Extensible AntiCheat Plugin For Sponge.

Guardian is an extensible AntiCheat for Sponge that gives you the flexibility to customize the checks to fit your servers needs. Guardian also provides a service for Precogs to reduce plugin conflicts with those who integrate with the lightweight service.

The plugin is a work in progress and there are plans for more detections to be added. Make sure to come chat with us on the IchorPowered Discord.

This plugin requires Precogs to work!!!

Cheats Detected:
  •  HorizontalSpeed (Movement Speed)
  •  VerticalSpeed (Movement Speed)
  •  Flight (Flight, Movement Speed)
  •  JetPack (Flight)
  •  Jesus (Jesus, Movement Speed)
  •  Blink (Movement Speed)
  •  Spider / WallClimb (Flight, Movement Speed)
  •  Timer (Movement Speed)
  •  AutoSneak (Invalid Movement, Movement Speed)
  •  AutoSprint (Invalid Movement, Movement Speed)
  •  FastLadder (Movement Speed)
  •  Phase/NoClip
  •  MiniJump
  •  Glide (Movement Speed)
  •  HighJump / LongJump

And more coming soon.


There many ways to contribute to the project. Some being…

  • Creating issues for reporting bugs.
  • Creating issues for reporting new cheats that are not detected or new features.
  • Contributing to the plugin by making a pull request, which fixes bugs or adds new features.


To compile the project. Simply type gradlew, this will licenseFormat and build the project for you.

For code style we prefer to stick with the Sponge Code Style.

If you’re unsure about something, don’t be afraid to make an issue or join the discord to chat.


The versioning follows:

guardian-[sponge-major | sponge-minor | sponge-patch]-[guardian-major | guardian-minor | guardian-patch]-[guardian-sub-patch]

e.g guardian-7.0.0-0.1.0-01

Ensure that the SpongeAPI version is the same for the one you are using on your server.


  • me4502 for making Precogs and spending some of his time and knowledge to improving this AntiCheat, your help is hugely appreciated.

  • ModularFramework providing a modular class loading system.

  • Precogs providing a service for plugins to integrate with the AntiCheat.

  • Thanks to SequenceAPI for providing the sequence system that powers all of the checks.

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Published on Jan 13, 2018




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