The permission, which start with kse, was ONLY work after KSE 3.4!

Tips: You could give kse.user permission for your player’s group, both kse.user and kse.admin for admin group.

/kse set Line Contents

  • Set the contents of the specific line.
  • Permission : kse.user.set
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.set

/kse trust PlayerID

  • Trust a player that means you allow him to edit the sign you own.
  • Permission :
    • Permission before 3.3: none

/kse untrust PlayerID

  • Remove a player from your trustlist, that means the target player can’t edit your sign any longer.
  • Permission :
    • Permission before 3.3: none

/kse trustlist

  • Check your trust list, you could also untrust the player by clicking them id in this trust list.
  • Permission :
    • Permission before 3.3: none

/kse clear

  • Clear the content of the specific line, if was not declared, the target sign will be cleared entirely.
  • Permission : kse.user.clear
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.clear

/kse copy

  • Copy the contents from target sign to your clipboard,to use this, you should aim at a sign.
  • Permission : kse.user.copy
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.copy

/kse paste

  • Paste the content from clipboard to the specific line, if was not declared, the target sign will be changed entirely.
  • Permission : kse.user.paste
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.paste

/kse clipboard

  • Show you your clipboard(if you have copied sthing).
  • Permission : kse.user.clipboard
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.clipboard

/kse swap Line Another-Line

  • Swap the contents between two specific lines.
  • Permission : kse.user.swap
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.swap

/kse undo

  • Undo the previous operation.
  • Permission : kse.user.undo
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.undo

/kse redo

  • Redo the previous operation.
  • Permission : kse.user.redo
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.redo

/kse version

  • Show you the version of the KSE plugin.
  • Permission : kse.admin.version
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.version

/kse reload

  • Reload config node from configurations and records.
  • Permission : kse.admin.reload
    • Permission before 3.3: karoglansigneditor.reload

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