A plugin to assist in removing lag from your server.



TimeTheCat released this version on Oct 7, 2018

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  • The remove command is now flags instead of subcommands, use /re to find out what all the different flags do.
  • If the warning message if over 60 seconds, it will now print a new minutes message instead.
  • /cwl should work better, but it is still recommended to edit the config.
  • Items like AE2 seeds should be whitelistable now.
  • Lots of internal reworking.
  • There is also a new section of the config called live time, which is the amount of seconds an entity has to be on the ground before it gets removed. This only applied to items dropped by players, any other items will be removed as normal.
  • You can now set the removal interval to -1 to disable it.
  • Redo the messages config to make it easier to edit.