Skyost released this version on Nov 27, 2018

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Change log

Release v1.0

  • Now in release !
  • Split the project into 3 parts : Core, Bukkit and Sponge.
  • Various updates and bug fixes.

Beta v0.4.1

  • Fixed bugs.

Beta v0.4

  • Updated for Bukkit v1.13.
  • Core improvements.
  • Fixed bugs.

Beta v0.3

  • You can now encrypt keys’ lore (using ROT47).
  • Items can now be renamed (but an item of the same kind can be used as a replacement).
  • Fixed bugs.

Beta v0.2.2

  • Wow, updated for 1.10 !
  • Added a hopper listener.
  • Added bStats support.

Beta v0.2.1

  • Some minor improvements.

Beta v0.2

  • Padlock finder added.
  • Key clone added (used to clone a key).
  • Bunch of keys added.
  • Can lock trapdoors, double doors and locked chests.
  • Random ChatColor for the lore.
  • Improved API.
  • Performances improvements.
  • Bugs fixes.

Beta v0.1

  • Fixed a bug in the previous file.
  • First Beta.