Simon_Flash released this version on Jun 10, 2018

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TeslaPowered v1.1.3

This release adds the Registry Library, a major update to the Command Library, and makes some small fixes/improvements to the Argument and Inventory libraries.



  • Added the Registry Library as a method of registering types from multiple plugins
  • Updated the Command Library to use injects of Command.Settings
  • Ensure that Iterable values are added to the context individually
  • Deprecated ConfigurationNodeException and added ConfigurationException (unchecked)
  • Added Displayable interface for Views and Pages
  • Added ItemStackSnapshot factory methods to Element (resolves #9)
  • Fixed issue in Layout#row (resolves #10)
  • Message#toText now has additional static access.


  • Removed DefVal class
  • Added prefix field to Tesla class
  • Switched startup logger to slf4j due to Forge logging issue

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