Simon_Flash released this version on May 19, 2018

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TeslaPowered v1.1.2


  • TeslaLibs
    • Added generation of sources jar for JitPack support
    • Cleaned up the build.gradle
  • Argument Library
    • Added SelectorParser with orSource support
    • Added Arguments#string (for completion)
    • Added new functional methods onto parsers and fixed mistyping
    • Catch potential exceptions from user functions
    • Fixed a completion issue with flags for inserted values
    • Cleaned up messages and fixed broken defaults/arguments
    • General cleanup, javadoc fixes, and improvements
  • Inventory Library
    • Added #overlay, #reset, and #range to Layout.Builder
    • Fixed View#of and Page#of being instance methods
    • Fixed Layout.Builder#border going out of bounds

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