PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.



Shynixn released this version on Jun 7, 2020

2.9 MB

Developer Notes

  • The internal database ranges now from “” to “” this means PetBlocks has got over 1300 sponsored skins. Big thanks to! Recreate the config to let the new skins show up in the GUI.
  • As always, thanks to my supporters!


  • #382 Added new skins
  • #345 Added new scripts to execute commands when clicking on gui items.
  • #345 Added the gui item tag show-on as counterpart to hidden-on
  • #345 Added the gui item tag allowed-on as counterpart to blocked-on
  • #388 Changed the gui item script tag accepts multi-line scripts
  • #385 Added NBT disabled slots to the Armorstand in order to make it compatible to a lot of more mods


  • #387 Fixed the new events can crash in rare occurences
  • #386 Fixed the pet fallling through the ground when riding the pet using PaperSpigot