PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.



Shynixn released this version on Apr 6, 2020

2.6 MB

Developer Notes

  • Please create a backup of your PetBlocks folder and (if being used) MySQL database before you install this update!
  • Please recreate your config.yml OR add the new config options below.
  • Support for better flying pets has been added. Try out the flying ai.
  • As always, thanks to my supporters!


  • #335 Replaced the internal entity BAT with PARROT for the flying ai.
  • #336 Added support for item NBT tags. The new tag called nbt replaces the unbreakable tag in the config.yml and can be added to both skins and icons. PetBlocks is going to automatically update its database once you install this update. Please create a backup before installing it.
  • #342 Changed the way how default nbt tags are applied to pets. All nbt tags are now controllable in the config.yml.
  • #342 Introduced a new config section called update which allows to configure ais each pet gets when the owner joins for the next time.
  • #342 Introduced a new config section called events which allows to configure ais each pet gets when certain events happen on the server. This section replaces the disable-on-sneak option of the global configuration.


  • #341 Fixed GriefPrevention Sponge Issues introduced in one of the recent updates.