PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.



Shynixn released this version on Apr 19, 2019

2.5 MB

Developer Notes

  • The internal database ranges now from “” to “” this means PetBlocks has got now over 810 sponsored skins. Thank you!
  • In order to copy paste the new skins into your config, the following steps are recommend:
  1. Rename your current config.yml to anything else
  2. Let PetBlocks recreate it’s config by executing /petblockreload
  3. Copy the section below minecraft-heads-pet-skins and paste it into your renamed config
  4. Delete the new config and rename your renamed config to config.yml
  • As always, special thanks to my patreon supporters!


  • #238 Added new sponsored skins from
  • #234 The config.yml gets now recreated on /petblockreload


  • #235 Fixed a bug in PetBlocks-Sponge disabling all player inventories
  • #233 Fixed the JavaDocs for the PetBlocks-Sponge-Api where not visible.