Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)



SRTeam released this version on Jun 19, 2021

4.8 MB


Full changelist can be found here: https://github.com/SkinsRestorer/SkinsRestorerX/commit/b2119d5f691ffede8fe3cf98e628b9296d95860d

9a990ecb Improve via ver check

7cefdfbb Last changes for 14.1.0 release (#545)

update gson & velocity-api

Plugin shut down if your using a unsupported ViaVersion version.

Removed snapshot

51d72a31 Add new way to get named fieds (#543)

b8c5e27c Feature/pistons corner (#542)

fixing joining on older version

2a41b34f Fix bungeecord x2 (#540)

246ee375 Feature/pistons corner (#539)

Fix bungee support

71933c5e fix whitespace for skinUrl (#538)

6962e118 More improvements (#533)

MineSkinAPI que system & API key

These updates to MineSkinAPi should make a hookable api possible for MineSkin.

e337e681 Another code cleanup (#532)

b3a8e1a Feature/fix 1.17 (#530)

added MC 1.17 support

1e61709 Yet another giant code rewrite (#529)

Breaking api changes (again) -> SkinsRestorerAPI.getApi().getSkinName(name) see

(https://github.com/SkinsRestorer/SkinsRestorerAPIExample) & (https://github.com/SkinsRestorer/SRPlaceholderAPIExpansion) for changes.

huge applier rewrite

applySkin can be cancelled

moving around code

9a307c3 Put viaversion stuff in another class (#528)

4ab8e60 Dont check versionhack plugin if not paper (#523)

ba22f88 noinspection deprecation on intentional fallback (#522)

908292b update ViaVersion (#517)

viaversion v4.0.0 is now required

fe20878 improve SkinsRestorer is OFFLINE warning message (#501)

5647cfd Feature/respect mineskin next request + skinType Fix (#498)

We now retry again in loop if we dont get the skin.

better error feedback.

459ff03 mistook Objects.toString(Object) for String.valueOf(Object) with skinType (#499)

a51dad5 Feature/added optional url skin type variant & translatable syntax (#496)

added [steve/slim] to syntax for /skin url & /sr CreateCustom

Redone command completion -> made them locale (@skin,@url&@skinname).

Removed duplicate title on incomplete command message

b23ddb4 Feature/improved name check v2 (#487)

Don’t apply if no skin & custom username.


Allow invalid custom skin names

9a672b3 Feature/improve sr createcustom descirption & syntax (#488)

Change /sr createcustom syntax “name” -> “skinName”

change HELP_SR_CreateCustom to better reflect its purpose.

Align syntax over all implementations.

c454a09 Merge my bunch of fixes and additions (#460)

Added bstats for Velocity

Make use of paperlib

Fix hasPassengers NPE

Renamed fileEnableRemountEntiteis to fileDisableRemountPlayer (#442)

Timestamp 0 will now also prevent “/skin update”

Skin success empty will now not send the locale

Update plugin.yml api-version & new commands

Use more file API

Improve color stuff

Add apply event and make escaping to methods

Improve skinstorage code

Fix message on older versions