Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)



SRTeam released this version on Jan 28, 2021

7.6 MB

Important Note: While this was compiled against API 7.0.0, you actually have to be using 7.3.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Changelog copied and pasted from our SpigotMC resource page, below:


This version contains a security exploit fix in which proxy ip’s can be exploited using skinurl. A change has been made to only allow imgur, (and some other domains).

About the exploit

Since we validate a image before sending it to our api, this can cause security issues like leaking ip’s. This patch will be put in place till the api validate the image instead of us.

Upcoming api changes

In the next majour release (v14) we will make breaking changes to the api. If you’re using our api, make sure to check and make changes before we release it.

A new Dev appeared!

Pistonmaster has been working hard to improve skinsrestorer. He already cut the jar file size by more than 60%! He is working hard to clean up the code, and improving performance! Big shoutout to Pistonmaster for helping us out.

All changes:

  • fixed a exploit that could leak your servr ip (By Pistonmaster)
  • smaller wiki links