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Rsl1122 released this version on Aug 14, 2020

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Change log 5.1 build 657

This update has taken a while to get together, as I’ve been busy at work. None the less, this update contains lots of bugfixes, quite many related to database related exceptions.

Special thanks to Saph1s for their contribution to this update.

Change log


  • New tables are now created with utf8mb4 as the default charset to avoid character encoding errors.
  • Increased deadlock retry attempts to 5, and added the attempt count to the error context.
  • If the database fails to do tasks related to opening (Such as creating tables or patching schema) the plugin now disables.
  • If the database is under heavy load (Visible as “Lock wait timeout exceeded” errors) Plan now attempts to reduce the load for 10 minutes each time. If the reduction is not enough, a pause between transactions is increased.


  • Fixed JSON serialization of /v1/players endpoint when a datapoint had \ character in it that broke the players table.
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException fromKey > toKey when adding ping to sessions on /player page (56bb3b3a6a)
  • Fixed incompatibility with AAC due to use of Reflection during class loading (Moved reflection use to enable)
  • Possibly fixed logo appearing stretched on the login page when using Safari


  • Webserver is now enabled by default when installing on Sponge servers


  • Russian Locale was updated by Saph1s

Error instructions (‘What to do’)

  • If character encoding is wrong in the database the user is instructed how to convert the charset of their MySQL.
  • If MySQL user is missing privileges, the user is instructed to give privileges to the user (Usually REFERENCES privilege is missing).
  • If SQLite has corrupted, the user is given instructions to restore the database, and a link to repair article.

No changes from dev build 654.