Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on Jun 19, 2020

16.2 MB

5.1 build 615

This build contains one new feature (IP whitelist) and bugfixes. Special thanks to Elguerrero & MastoryMd5 for their contributions to this update

Change log


  • Fixed permission check issue with /plan unregister that allowed anyone to unregister any user by if they knew their username.
  • Fixed these commands from executing database queries on server thread:
    • /plan players
    • /plan network
    • /plan register
    • /plan manage raw
  • Fixed /plan inspect throwing an NPE when a player tried to view someone elses profile without ‘plan.inspect.other’ permisison

Error Handling

  • Crash due to OutOfMemoryException should now be resolved (The error handling should no longer consume so much memory)


Added IP Whitelist

Config now contains Webserver.Security.IP_Whitelist and Webserver.Security.IP_Whitelist.Whitelist settings for whitelisting IP addresses that can access the webserver.

  • The whitelist is disabled by default
  • Default whitelist has IP addresses for local machine
  • When enabled all requests from non-whitelisted IPs will be forbidden (403)
  • Denied attempts are logged. example of block log


  • MySQL Launch Options setting now has &serverTimezone=UTC by default (not added to existing settings automatically)


  • Spanish locale updated by Elguerrero
  • Italian locale updated by MastoryMd5


  • Fixed an NPE when a plugin gave PlaceholderAPI a null Player that was passed to Plan.