Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on Jun 7, 2020

16.2 MB

5.1 build 600

This update has some bugfixes in it, and adds a deprecation warning for H2. Special thanks to enterih & hallo1142 for their contributions to this update.



  • Added a warning for h2 users: h2 will be deprecated in 5.2 See issue #1472
    • Added user and password settings for H2 that are separate from MySQL’s. Because the old versions use same user and password as MySQL, you might need to copy the user and pass field over if using h2.
    • Fixed Moving data from H2 to MySQL.
  • MySQL connection improvements
    • Possibly fixed ‘unknown timezone’ error when connecting
    • Possibly fixed Plan not using the MySQL driver included inside Plan.jar


  • Made logout links relative (Fixes logout for some subdirectory reverse-proxy setups)
  • Made /login?from=<link> link relative (Fixes login redirect for some subdirectory reverse-proxy setups)


  • Added %plan_sessions_unique_players_today% placeholder: Shows unique players for current day (based on timezone) while plan_sessions_unique_players_day shows last 24h


  • Fixed high CPU usage when an Extension ran into an exception
    • Extensions service no longer attempts again when an extension method fails.
    • Stacktrace logger duplicate line finding optimized to not use HashSet


  • Deutsch locale updated by enterih and hallo1142