Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on May 29, 2020

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Change log 5.1 build 586

Here is an update with some improvements.

Special thanks to all contributors to this update; Fur_xia (Updates to Chinese locale), hallo1142 (Updates to Deutsch locale), itaquito (Updates to Spanish locale) Karlatemp (Bugfixes related to locale + async update check)

Change log


  • Added a ‘Hour by Hour’ graph similar to ‘Day by Day’ graph to server and network pages. It displays hourly new players and unique players for the last 7 days.

Error handling

  • Error handling was rewritten to address the issue of large error log files. Now each exception is assigned an unique hash to avoid duplicates of same exception being logged. kuva
    • Error context was added so that it is easier to solve issues
    • The context can also include “What to do” instructions to the user in case they can fix the issue themselves, in cases like File permission errors.
    • Up to 5 contexts are logged in order to avoid these log files from growing endlessly.
    • Error stacktraces are no longer logged to console to avoid console logs becoming large.
    • Default log deletion setting was reverted back to 7 days
  • Extension method disabling (if a method throws an exception) should now work properly


  • Chinese locale was updated by Fur_xia and Karlatemp
  • Deutsch locale was updated by hallo1142
  • Spanish locale was updated by itaquito
  • Some pages erroring when using a locale were fixed by Karlatemp
  • Some links getting translated was fixed by Karlatemp


  • Update check is now performed asynchronously on enable (by Karlatemp)
  • A typo in a comment in ServerInfoFile.yml was fixed by aimorris
  • Registration information now expires after 15 minutes (Fixes a memory leak)