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Rsl1122 released this version on Mar 26, 2020

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Bugfixes - Change log 5.1 build 486

There was a pretty major regression bug in the last update that broke network page for anyone using a locale, so here is a bugfix release. I decided to bash some other bugs while at it.

Change log


  • Fixed a bug with network page not opening when locale was in use


  • Fixed BuyCraft Extension not registering
  • Set BuyCraft Request header and URL to use Tebex instead of Buycraft
  • Fixed extra plugin tabs not appearing on /server and /network pages if there were no other kinds of data
  • Fixed ${backButton} appearing on extension tabs instead of the button
  • Fixed ViaVersion Extension registering its listeners even when disabled


  • Fixed an SQL exception on join (plan_users Duplicate entry) on networks
  • Fixed an IllegalArgumentException related to network page export and ExportPaths