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Rsl1122 released this version on Feb 14, 2020

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5.0 build 410 - Change log

This update brings some bugfixes that have been ready for a while, I’ve just been super busy and haven’t had time for releasing them.

In addition to this I’ve begun work on Page Extension API which will allow adding new pages to Plan by other plugins. This seems to be a pretty hefty refactoring of the whole request-response stuff in use on Plan to have a nice to use API, but it’s getting there.

In other news, I’ll receive the first Github Sponsors payment next month, thanks for the continued support!
I also paid for the discord-bot/nginx server for next 6 months thanks to the donations made through Paypal.

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Change Log


  • French Locale was updated by @Nogapra, and double checked by Aurelien. Thanks!


  • New Added BentoBox Extension. Supports AcidIsland, BSkyBlock, CaveBlock and SkyGrid. Gives similar information as ASkyBlock Extension, such as Island names, resets left etc.
  • New Added support for Vault permission groups. If using another supported permission system you can disable this separately from Vault economy in the Plan config.
  • Fix LuckPerms extension registration
  • Fix Vault Economy error when player doesn’t have an account with Essentials Economy
  • Fix Formatted placeholders related to ping using the formatting setting. (23.321532135 -> 23.32 ms)


  • Fix Fixed /players page JSON export the json was not loaded properly because of wrong address


  • Fix Fixed an error when player joined with Xbox Live without logging in. (Player UUID given as null)
  • Fix Fixed Nukkit register date gathering. (Nukkit gave seconds, Plan assumed milliseconds.) The incorrect register dates are automatically fixed after updating.
  • Fix Fixed Nukkit not recording player deaths and because of that also not recording player kills. (EntityDeathListener did not include Players, added PlayerDeathListener)


  • Fix Error case for EOF when reading Certificate now gives info how to fix the issue rather than a stacktrace.
  • Fix Error case for missing alias in Certificate now gives error message rather than a stacktrace.
  • Fix Fixed newer 1.15.2 Spigot builds warning about undecleared dependencies for AAC, Essentials & other plugins using javax.inject