Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on Jan 24, 2020

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5.0 build 382 - Change log


Added Webserver.Security.Disable_authentication setting

This setting allows disabling Plan authentication when https is set up, and it defaults to false to avoid previously secured servers from being exposed.

Added %plan_player_favorite_server% placeholder

Displays the same server name for the player who sees the placeholder as the one on the player page.


Fixed SpongeForge crashing when using IP2C for geolocation

There Plan was using IP2C (fallback) for geolocation, it called HTTPURLConnection#setDefaultCaches(false), which apparently disables caches by default on all URLConnections, including JarURLConnections, that some mods used. The class loader freaked out which lead to a crash.

Fixed font awesome not being Exported properly

The files were exported as text, which malformed the font files.

Fixed periodic gathering task on Paper 1.8.x

The task assumed getTPS() method was available, but it was added to paper in 1.9