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Rsl1122 released this version on Jan 17, 2020

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5.0 build 367 - Change log

Hello! This update brings a big bunch of great bugfixes. Thanks for everybody who tested & reported bugs in the dev versions. Please note that you’ll need to accept a new GeoLite2 EULA for Plan to download the geolocation database after the update.

If you’re using Export I highly recommend this update as it fixes a memory leak in Html Export.

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Optimized the periodic gathering task (#1289)

The task is used for gathering Online Players, TPS, CPU, RAM, Chunks & Entities and runs every 20 ticks. The average run time was heavily optimized from 12ms to 0.15ms (98% reduction) with help of Paper timings. The task was also streamlined so it should have similar speeds on other platforms.

Japanese Locale was updated by yukieiji, thanks!


Fixed GeoLite2 Database downloading (#1273)

On December 30th MaxMind made their GeoLite2 database unavailable without an account due to California law change, breaking the geolocation on Plan. This issue has been fixed in this version.

You need to accept the GeoLite2 EULA to use the database again - See ‘Data_gathering.Accept_GeoLite2_EULA’ setting Plan will update the database from time to time Additionally a fallback option was added that uses ip2c via HTTP. I recommend accepting the geolite2 eula, because ip2c doesn’t support IPv6 and uses more resources than geolite2, that doesn’t require http connections.

Plugins-tab fixes (#1260, #1276, #1286)

There were a couple of bugs with the “Plugins” tabs.

  • Fixed an issue related to some Extension tables not displaying at all.
  • Fixed plugin tabs that have large tables not filling the whole width of the page.
  • Fixed tab name always being “Plugins Overview” instead of plugin name.
  • Fixed tab names not including server name instead showing a dot.
  • Fixed wrong column names of Buycraft table

Export fixes (#1278, #1269, #1210)

  • Fixed a memory leak when using Export (some replacement lists were never cleared)
    • Fixed some player page export when the players shared parts of the name
  • Fixed names of exported server folders when server name had a space (on networks)
  • Fixed links of session accordion linking to UUID instead of player name (export saves player name pages)
  • Fixed links of “back” buttons not working appropriately with subdirectory URL (eg. /plan/server/)

Other small fixes (#1293, #1287, #1272)

  • Fixed too long weapon item names causing an exception
  • Fixed some words inside Javascript getting translated by Locale
  • Fixed missing hamburger on /players and /debug pages for mobile
  • Updated SQLite to 3.30.1
  • Updated MySQL to 8.0.19 & HikariCP to 3.4.2
  • Updated Font awesome to 5.12.0
  • Updated FullCalendar to 3.10.0

Direct any bugs to, thanks :)