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Rsl1122 released this version on Nov 30, 2019

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5.0 build 292 - Change log

This is a bugfix release.


Fixed player register date being incorrect on Networks

A bug introduced in build 279 (In Minimize register dates-feature) caused the register dates to be maximized, leading to player’s most recent register date on spigot/sponge servers being used as the register date on networks.

  • Fixed the source of the bug by flipping a ‘<’ to ‘>’
  • Added a database patch that corrects the incorrect data (Since the register dates for each server are correct it is possible to fix the data automatically)
  • Added a test for the patch

Fixed player page session sorting

Session list on /player page was not correctly sorted, so sometimes non-recent sessions were present on the list. Now it is sorted correctly.

Fixed Exceptions related to Luckperms extension

Luckperms 5.0 revamped their API, so changes to the extension were necessary to use the newer API. I’m not sure if I used the new API correctly so some incorrect info might show up.