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Rsl1122 released this version on Nov 10, 2019

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5.0 build 279 - Change Log

This update contains some new features and bugfixes. Special thanks to Malachiel and Combustible for their contributions.

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  • #1211 Added ‘Median First Session Length’ to Online Activity > Insights
    • This statistic can give more feedback on new player experience in addition to the existing ‘Mean First Session Length’ statistic
  • #864 Added ‘Average Ping’ to Sessions on /player page where possible
    • This statistic helps verifying latency issues. It would unfortunately take too much memory to produce this statistic for /server page so it is limited to /player page.
  • Register date is now made smallest possible value on networks (To avoid pre-Plan players appearing as ‘New players’ after installing Plan)
  • Italian Locale (IT) by Malachiel
  • as address now produces a warning on enable (It is not a valid address).


  • #1212 Fixed a Deadlock issues with plan_user_info table
    • Future deadlock issues will retry instead of failing instantly
  • #1209 Player server specific playtime placeholders should now update if the player is online
  • #1215 Fixed Plan attempting to use Authentication of Nginx when HTTPS was disabled on Plan
  • #1210 Changed redirects to /server/ to point to /server/ServerName instead
  • #1216 Fixed /network Playerbase Development graph containing duplicate players
  • Combustible fixed issue when Plan config directory was a symlink

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