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Rsl1122 released this version on Aug 12, 2019

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Sorry it’s been a while since I released an update here - I didn’t have my gpg key with me when I was on vacation. Here are changes that have been released on Github since 4.8.7, you can see version specific changes on Github.

Change log 4.8.7 - 4.9.3

Bugs that were introduced and fixed between these versions are not in this change log.


PKCS12 Certificate support (#1102)

Now you can use .p12 SSL Certificate files directly with Plan! No more keytool! Just make sure the file ends with .p12.

Here is the command for creating .p12 from Let’s Encrypt cert in case you need it :) > openssl pkcs12 -export -in /etc/letsencrypt/live/<domain>/fullchain.pem -inkey /etc/letsencrypt/live/<domain>/privkey.pem -out /etc/letsencrypt/live/<domain>/pkcs.p12 -name <alias> After entering the command you’ll be prompted for key password and store password. This should make https more accessible to people, since it drops required steps for obtaining a keystore.

Query API

Added a new Query API for accessing Plan Database. This allows moving plugins that don’t store data away from PluginData API. Documentation


  • Deprecated PluginData API, users of this API are encouraged to move to DataExtension API as soon as possible. API documentation
  • Deprecated /server/raw webserver endpoint
  • Added nuVotifier support (Votes & Votes/Service)
  • Moved SuperbVote, AAC, ProtocolSupport & ViaVersion from PluginData API to DataExtension API
  • Changed default database type back to ‘SQLite’ due to severity of rare issues with h2.
  • Prevented /plan m move between h2 and MySQL due to a bug (#1111)
  • Removed Kingdoms plugin support (Free API no longer available as it has moved to Songonda)
  • #1135 AdvancedBan Extension now listens for punishment events (Updates status for offline players)


  • #1101 Fixed an NPE when a geolocation did not have a country name
  • #1103 Fixed (Untested) SavageFactions incompatibility
  • Fixed IPAnonPatch on MySQL with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
  • #1118 Fixed massive error spam if a DataExtension method call failed - Now it removes the method from being attempted appropriately.
  • #1119 Fixed NPE on Proxy platforms when displaying longest played world on session accordion
  • Fixed color parsing (ยง -> <span>) eating first character of some Strings.
  • Database clear command now reloads the plugin after successful clear.
  • #1125 Fixed tasks not unregistering on Velocity when reloading Plan
  • #1134 Reduced chance that a built in extension failing to load prevents Plan from enabling.