Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on May 14, 2019

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4.8.4 Change log


Fixed a IllegalArgumentException: class com.djrapitops.extension.DiscordSRVExtension method guildUsers could not be called: null

This was a stupid mistake on my part, since it was an exception that was not supposed to be logged. I did put a catch for the exception (NotReadyException), BUT since the method that throws the error is called via Reflection (method.invoke) the error was wrapped to InvocationTargetException, causing it to be logged. Well now it’s fixed.

In other news:

Hello people, just you guys know I’ll be very busy until 30.06. due to a course that focuses on teaching teamwork. It includes 6h/day workdays mon-fri. On top of that I have to finish my bachelor’s thesis by 30.05. - so I might not have time for as much support as usual. If you are having bad issues that aren’t getting answers please open a ticket on github.