Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on May 10, 2019

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Locales, DataExtension Tables - Change log 4.8.2


Locale updates

  • Added Japanese (JA) by yukieji
  • Improved Simplified Chinese (CN) by qsefthuopq
  • Added French (FR) by Aurelien

DataExtension Tables

  • DataExtensions can now display table data with TableProvider annotations
  • /server page players tab now displays DataExtension data as well.
    • Viewing exported html now requires a web service. (The players table is now delivered using JSON. The json being loaded via XMLHTTPRequest, and that does not work properly with file:// protocol)
  • Added a CapabilityService for future additions to the API.
  • Updated documentation here:

New settings

  • Time settings for clean up of time series and ping data.
  • Setting to disable Ping gathering
  • Default database changed to H2 for new installs due to SQLite not working properly on 1.8.8 anymore

Ported PluginData to DataExtensions

  • ASkyBlock, GriefPrevention (Bukkit+Sponge), GriefPreventionPlus, mcMMO, Nucleus, RedProtect (Bukkit+Sponge), Vault Eco
  • Removed some old PluginData implementations that have been implemented as Extensions

Removed IP Hashes from the database

  • Removed IP Hashes from the database due to concerns over rainbow table related hash resolution of stored IPs from the hashes.

Spigot 1.14 support

  • #1012 Fixed Plan not enabling on Spigot 1.14
    • #1029 Fixed bStats task breaking reload


  • Analysis #1017 Fixed a query related to DataExtensions
  • Plugin Startup Reduced reliance on platform class exists checks that were causing compatibility issues with plugins that incorrectly shade in platform (eg bukkit, bungee) classes
  • Export #1019 Fixed Network page exporting
  • UX Fixed incorrect error displayed when player was not found
  • PluginData #1027 Fixed Error related to AAC database table
  • DataExtensions Fixed DataExtension @Tab annotation not working
  • DataExtensions Fixed Exception handling of DataExtensions
  • Performance #1034 Tasks with too large delays are now cancelled instead.

If you run into issues feel free to open a ticket or join discord for support - Please use tickets for exceptions.