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Rsl1122 released this version on Mar 3, 2019

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4.7.0 - Database Code Restructuring

This update brings some database stability changes as well as various fixes

Fixed Security Vulnerability

  • Fixed a brute force vulnerability of the Plan web panel by adding a 90s delay after 5 failed login attempts from a certain address.


  • Database code restructured
    • Everything that updates rows in the database is now using Transactions. This allows automatic rollbacks of failed transactions (such as a failed patch)
    • Transactions are now performed on their own thread to remove single-server deadlock possibility.
    • Queries & Transactions wait before patches are applied (This is to prevent tons of exceptions)
    • Sponge now uses same HikariCP as other server implementations. (Should prevent some issues with connection leaks)
  • Some Query memory optimizations
    • Sessions of other servers are no longer fetched to memory when doing analysis on network server
    • Sessions, WorldTimes and PlayerKills related to the sessions fetched with single query instead of 3.
    • All users no longer fetched when analysing a network server
  • Sessions are now saved on server shutdown if possible. (√≠nstead of JVM shutdown) Special thanks to @Fuzzlemann for his research on this.


  • Commands and web panel now notify user if the database is not open.
  • Servers no longer generate same ServerUUID when Plan is installed
  • Fixed login message displaying ‘/’
  • Fixed /server page “back” button on networks
  • Fixed concurrent modification related to FileWatcher (Network config update system)
  • Attempt to fix databases that fail on KillsOptimizationPatch
  • Attempt to fix timeout error on network servers when viewing /server pages

As always if you are having issues with the update, please report issues on Github ( or join Discord for support ( Thanks