Rsl1122 / Plan

Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



Rsl1122 released this version on Aug 27, 2018

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Change log 4.4.5

This update addresses plugin incompatibility issues due to improper shading by splitting Plan into two artifacts. This means that one version will not function on all platforms - Sponge will require a different artifact.

All artifacts are available at - Use this version on Sponge


  • BungeeCord PluginData support: AdvancedBan, BuyCraft, Litebans, ViaVersion
  • Sponge PluginData support: BuyCraft
  • ASkyBlock challenges support to player pages


  • Removed Config from debug page as brute force security concerns were raised & it has not been useful in debugging issues.
  • Updated all PluginData plugins to latest versions


  • Fixed Plan causing LuckPerms to break if another plugin with HikariCP was present (3rd plugin)
  • Fixed Sponge CPU gathering
  • Fixed /plan m uninstalled command not setting servers as uninstalled