Control what blocks/mobs can loot (items, experience, money), right-click to harvest; more to come



RedNesto released this version on Jul 26, 2019

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This is a massive update

Some parts of the plugin were refactored/rewritten, the most notable one being configuration loading. This means there may be regressions, please check that your configurations are working.

If something broke please report it on the issue tracker or in my discord server


Drops reuse

Applicable to BlocksDrops and MobsDrops.

Allows to reuse items initially dropped, before the plugin does anything to them.



Applicable to BlocksDrops, MobsDrops and reuses.

Allow to create conditions to decide whether a loot ore reuse must be processed or not.

Currently, the following requirements are available out of the box:

  • Data: checks data (e.g. skull type can be of a player, skeleton, zombie…) present on some game objects (blocks and entities are supported)
    • Please note that right now Sponge implementations are missing stuff needed for this to work, so it is useless currently
  • Permissions: checks if the player that caused the loot to drop has the configured permission
  • Worlds: checks if the player that caused the loot to drop is in a configured world
  • Protected regions: checks if the broken block or killed mob is within specified regions
    • GriefPrevention claims and UniverseGuard regions are supported


Smaller change

+ Custom loot experience property now accepts bounded amounts