Control what blocks/mobs can loot (items, experience, money), right-click to harvest; more to come



RedNesto released this version on Mar 12, 2021

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Added the caught-fish requirement, used to determine if a fishing loot should be processed based on the type of fish that was caught.

Added support for GriefDefender claims, the requirement is named griefdefender.

Added the ability to set the “data” value of items to drop with the unsafe-damage property.

Added the command /boxoutils inspect item (permission: boxoutils.inspect.item) to get some information about the item held in the main hand (useful for getting the unsafe-damage value to use).

Added the used_item_data requirement. Works similarly to block_data and entity_data requirements, but tests against the item used by the player that caused the loots to be processed.

Added a chance parameter to loots. Works the same way every other chance parameters do, but on a whole loot level.

  • This can be used to group items to be dropped with the same chance, an all-or-nothing situation.

Try harder to find the player who killed an entity and caused loots to be processed in order to improve compatibility with some mods.

API Changes

The CustomDrops API was refactored to be more flexible

Requirement methods have been changed to take a CustomLootProcessingContext.