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Control what blocks/mobs can loot (items, experience, money), right-click to harvest; more to come


FastHarvest allows players to right-click crops to harvest them, and seed automatically the target farmland.

By default, FastHarvest is disabled (like all this plugin’s features). To enable it, go into the plugin’s configuration directory and open the fastharvest.conf file, then set enabled on true; that’s it!

You can find the default configuration here.

Now that you have enabled this feature, you can start configuring it.

Each category is bound to a crop drop type (beetroot, beetroot_seed, carrot, etc…).

In each of them, you can find 5 properties:

  • chance - the chance of dropping one item out of the count.
  • chance_of - the max chance of dropping one item.
  • count - the maximum number of items that can be dropped.
  • fortune_factor - multiplies the count.
  • minimum forces the algorithm to drop at least this value.

There is also a whitelist/blacklist system for tools that can fast harvest:

  • enabled - whether the list is active.
  • is_whitelist - true if the list should act as a whitelist, false otherwise.
  • tools - a list of all Minecraft item IDs this list should take account of.

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Published on Jan 19, 2018


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