Control what blocks/mobs can loot (items, experience, money), right-click to harvest; more to come

Custom Config Values

The plugin’s configurations can support values in a custom format, like number ranges.

Integer Range

Those ranges can be written in 3 forms:

  • fixed, the range will only consist of one value. Example: fixed-range=1
  • bounded, a “true” range that spans from a lower bound to an upper bound. Example: bounded-range=1-5
    • The lower bound must be lesser than the upper bound
  • selective, similar to a list of number. Example: selective-range=1;3;4

Partial IDs

Minecraft IDs with a part replaced by a * wildcard.


  • minecraft:dirt is a concrete ID
  • minecraft:* is a partial ID covering everything in the minecraft namespace
  • * matches everything

For the plugin to be able to know by what partial ID a concrete ID is covered, it must resolve it by searching through all available IDs configured.

Resolution happens as follows:

  • searches for a direct match (succeeds if the same concrete ID is available)
  • searches for the namespace wildcard (e.g. minecraft:*)
  • falls back to the global wildcard * if present

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