Control what blocks/mobs can loot (items, experience, money), right-click to harvest; more to come


This feature allows to control the quantity of items crops will drop. Only vanilla crops are supported for now.

To use it you first need to enable it in its configuration named cropscontrol.conf, just set enabled to true.

Crops are all located in the crops category.

Keys are ids of the items dropped by breaking crops, each crop have the same properties:

  • chance - the chance of dropping one potential item of the count.
  • chance_of - the max chance of dropping one potential item.
  • count - the potential number of items that can be dropped (without counting minimum).
  • fortune_factor - multiplies the count.
  • minimum the quantity of this specific item you are assured to get from harvesting.

Be aware that FastHarvest will always remove one seed from the total count to replant the crop.

Right now the following crops are supported:

  • wheat
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • beetroots
  • cocoa beans
  • nether warts

Category: Miscellaneous

Published on Jan 19, 2018




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