RandomByte released this version on Jul 8, 2017

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  • Added command lottery addPot to add some amount of money to the pot without buying a ticket. This could be essentially done by just editing the config file. The permission is lottery.addpot. A command node to limit the amount of adding money is available(max-deposit). The command is most likely useful when executed from console, e.g. a small giveaway of ingame money. Thanks @@HDR!
  • Added command alias lot
  • Added config node messages.not-enough-money
  • Added parameter ticketCosts to messages.info-message-player and messages.info-message-console. Delete these both nodes and let them regenerate with /sponge plugins reload force-update the comments of the config nodes. This will just add ticketCosts to the list of available parameters, that is just a hint; you can use this new parameter without updating the comment.