RandomByte / Holograms

Easily create floating texts

Commands & Permissions

For examples see Common workflow.

/holograms create <text> holograms.createCreates a single line Hologram with the specified text. The text can be formatted as described here(only colors and styles of course).
/holograms createMultiLine <verticalSpace> <numberOfLines>/holograms cml ...holograms.createMultiLineCreates the specified amount of Holograms which creates the effect of a multiline-Hologram. The Holograms are placed in the specified vertical distance to each other(recommended: 0.3).
/holograms createMultiLine <verticalSpace> <text>/holograms cml ...holograms.createMultiLineCreates a multiline Hologram(same as above). Instead of giving the amount of lines, here you separated each line by a %-symbol. Example: /holograms cml 0.3 Line1%Line2%Line3
/holograms list [maxDistance] holograms.listLists nearby Holograms in specified distance or otherwise in a radius of 10 blocks.
/holograms holograms.listShortcut for /holograms list, doesn’t accept maxDistance.

Text buttons

When executing /holograms list or only /holograms you see a list of the nearby Holograms and buttons next to them.

Text buttonPermissionMeaning
[TP]holograms.teleportTeleports the player to the Hologram
[CP]holograms.copyCopies the Hologram to the player’s feet
[MV]holograms.moveMoves the Hologram to the player’s feet
[ST]holograms.setTextSets the text of the Hologram from the ingame chat. First teleport yourself with the [TP] button to the Hologram as the [ST] button sets the text to the closest Hologram.
[TFF]holograms.setTextFromFileSets the text from the config/holograms/input.txt-file to the Hologram, every formatting that can be used for the create commands is available for use in the input file.
[DEL]holograms.deleteDeletes the Hologram

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