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Module: admin

/blockzapnucleus.blockzap.baseSets the target block to air.
/broadcastnucleus.broadcast.baseBroadcasts a message to the entire server.
/expnucleus.exp.baseDisplays the specified player’s current experience.
/exp givenucleus.exp.give.baseGives experience to the specified player.
/exp setnucleus.exp.set.baseSets the specified player’s experience.
/exp takenucleus.exp.take.baseRemoves experience from the specified player.
/gamemodenucleus.gamemode.baseSets a player’s game mode.
/gmanucleus.gamemode.baseToggles your game mode to adventure.
/gmcnucleus.gamemode.baseToggles your game mode to creative.
/gmsnucleus.gamemode.baseToggles your game mode to survival.
/gmspnucleus.gamemode.baseToggles your game mode to spectator.
/gmtnucleus.gamemode.baseToggles your game mode between survival and creative.
/killnucleus.kill.baseKill the specified player(s) and/or entities.
/killentitynucleus.killentity.baseKills the specified entities.
/plainbroadcastnucleus.plainbroadcast.baseAllows the user to send a broadcast without prefixes or suffixes.
/stopnucleus.stop.baseStops the server.
/sudonucleus.sudo.baseForces a player to run a command.
/tellplainnucleus.tellplain.baseAllows the user to send a message to a player without prefixes or suffixes.

Module: afk

/afknucleus.afk.baseToggles the player’s AFK state.
/afkkicknucleus.afkkick.baseKicks all currently AFK players.
/afkrefreshnucleus.afkrefresh.baseInvalidates the AFK permission cache.

Module: back

/backnucleus.back.baseAllows a user to return to their last place before death or warp.

Module: ban

/bannucleus.ban.baseBans a player.
/checkbannucleus.checkban.baseChecks the ban status for a player.
/tempbannucleus.tempban.baseTemporarily bans a player.
/unbannucleus.unban.baseUnbans a player.

Module: chat

/ the next chat message as an action, using the format set by the server.

Module: command-spy

/commandspynucleus.commandspy.baseEnables or disables seeing commands that others have run.

Module: core

/commandinfonucleus.commandinfo.baseReturns information about a command
/nucleusnucleus.nucleus.baseDisplays Nucleus version and module information.
/nucleus clearcachenucleus.nucleus.clearcache.baseClears the in-memory cache of users who have logged on in the past session, forcing Nucleus to read the data files on their next login.
/nucleus debugnucleus.nucleus.debug.baseUtilities to support debugging server issues.
/nucleus debug getuuidsnucleus.nucleus.debug.getuuids.baseGets all UUIDs that appear to be registered to a username.
/nucleus debug refreshuniquevisitorsnucleus.nucleus.debug.refreshuniquevisitors.baseRefreshes the {{uniquecount}} token, in case it’s out of sync.
/nucleus debug setsessionnucleus.nucleus.debug.setsession.baseTurns debug mode on or off for this session. The configuration file overrides this if debug mode is set to true.
/nucleus getusernucleus.nucleus.getuser.baseGets or refreshes a user’s entry in the username cache.
/nucleus a file in the server root directory containing information about the server and Nucleus environment.
/nucleus itemaliasnucleus.nucleus.itemalias.baseManages item aliases.
/nucleus itemalias clearnucleus.nucleus.itemalias.clear.baseRemoves all aliases from an item.
/nucleus itemalias removenucleus.nucleus.itemalias.remove.baseRemoves an alias from an item.
/nucleus itemalias setnucleus.nucleus.itemalias.set.baseSets an alias to an item.
/nucleus printpermsnucleus.nucleus.printperms.basePrints all permissions registered in Nucleus.
/nucleus rebuildusercachenucleus.nucleus.rebuildusercache.baseRebuild the Nucleus user cache.
/nucleus reloadnucleus.nucleus.reload.baseReloads Nucleus’ configuration files.
/nucleus resetusernucleus.nucleus.resetuser.baseDeletes all data in Nucleus, and optionally, Minecraft, for a player.
/nucleus all files.
/nucleus setuppermsnucleus.nucleus.setupperms.baseAllows the user to add the recommended permissions for either USER, MOD or ADMIN roles to a specified group.
/nucleus update-messagesnucleus.nucleus.update-messages.baseScans the messages file for keys that might not include all the required tokens and replaces them with the standard translation.

Module: crafting-gui

/anvilnucleus.anvil.baseOpens an anvil window so users can repair and rename items.
/enchantingtablenucleus.enchantingtable.baseOpens an enchanting table window so users can enchant items.
/workbenchnucleus.workbench.baseOpens a crafting table window so users can craft.

Module: environment

/lockweathernucleus.lockweather.baseLocks the weather on the specified world.
/timenucleus.time.baseGets the time for the specified world.
/time setnucleus.time.set.baseSets the time for the specified world.
/ the weather on the specified world.

Module: fly

/ specified player’s fly mode.

Module: freeze-subject

/freezeplayernucleus.freezeplayer.baseFreezes a player in place.

Module: fun

/hatnucleus.hat.basePuts the item in the player’s hand on their head as a helmet.
/ignitenucleus.ignite.baseSets the specified player on fire.
/kittycannonnucleus.kittycannon.baseFire exploding cats from your person.
/lightningnucleus.lightning.baseStrikes a position or player with a lightning bolt.
/rocketnucleus.rocket.baseFires a player upwards like a rocket.

Module: home

/homenucleus.home.baseTeleports to home.
/home deletenucleus.home.baseDeletes a home.
/home deleteothernucleus.home.deleteother.baseDeletes another player’s home.
/home limitnucleus.home.limit.baseDisplay the number of homes you (or another player) can set.
/home listnucleus.home.list.baseLists homes.
/home othernucleus.home.other.baseTeleports to another player’s home.
/home setnucleus.home.set.baseSets a home with the specified name.

Module: ignore

/ignorenucleus.ignore.baseToggles ignoring of all chat messages.
/ignorelistnucleus.ignorelist.baseShows the names of players that are currently being ignored by the target player

Module: info

/ server information.
/motdnucleus.motd.baseAllows the user to view the server MOTD, as defined in the “motd.txt” file.

Module: inventory

/clearnucleus.clear.baseClears a player’s inventory.
/enderchestnucleus.enderchest.baseAllows the user to inspect their (or another player’s) ender chest.
/invseenucleus.invsee.baseAllows the user to inspect a target’s inventory.

Module: invulnerability

/godnucleus.god.baseSet specified player’s invulnerability status.

Module: item

/enchantnucleus.enchant.baseAllows the user to enchant items.
/itemnamenucleus.itemname.baseBase command for Item Name related actions.
/itemname clearnucleus.itemname.clear.baseClears the name assigned to the item currently in the player’s hand.
/itemname setnucleus.itemname.set.baseSets the user facing name for the item currently in the player’s hand.
/lorenucleus.lore.baseBase command for Lore related actions.
/lore addnucleus.lore.set.baseAdds a new line to the lore on the current item in the hand.
/lore clearnucleus.lore.set.baseClears the lore on the current item in the hand.
/lore deletenucleus.lore.set.baseDeletes a line of the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
/lore editnucleus.lore.set.baseEdits the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
/lore insertnucleus.lore.set.baseInserts a new line to the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
/lore setnucleus.lore.set.baseSets the lore on the current item in the hand. The current lore is replaced.
/morenucleus.more.baseSets item in hand to a full stack.
/ item in hand.
/showitemattributesnucleus.showitemattributes.baseShows or hides item attributes on item hover.
/skullnucleus.skull.baseSpawns in copies of the specified player’s skull (or your own, if no player is specified) into your inventory.
/trashnucleus.trash.baseOpens an inventory window which acts as a disposal unit, deleting items placed into it.

Module: jail

/checkjailnucleus.jail.checkjail.baseChecks if a player is jailed.
/checkjailednucleus.checkjailed.baseChecks the user cache for jailed players, optionally in the specified jail.
/jailnucleus.jail.baseToggles the jailing of a player.
/jailsnucleus.jail.list.baseLists all jails.
/jails deletenucleus.jail.delete.baseDeletes a jail.
/jails setnucleus.jail.set.baseCreates a jail.
/jails tpnucleus.jail.list.baseWarp to a jail.

Module: jump

/jumpnucleus.jump.basePerform a short range “jump” to the block they are looking at.
/thrunucleus.thru.baseTeleport to the other side of a wall.
/ the user (or target player) to the surface.
/unstucknucleus.unstuck.baseAttempts to nudge players by one block to unstick them, if possible.

Module: kick

/kicknucleus.kick.baseKicks a player
/kickallnucleus.kickall.baseKicks all players, optionally turning the whitelist on.

Module: kit

/kitnucleus.kit.baseRedeems a kit.
/kit addnucleus.kit.add.baseCreates a kit with the specified name and current inventory.
/kit autoredeemnucleus.kit.autoredeem.baseSets or unsets a kit to auto redeem on login.
/kit commandnucleus.kit.command.baseLists the commands associated with a kit.
/kit command addnucleus.kit.command.add.baseAdds a command to the specified kit.
/kit command clearnucleus.kit.command.remove.baseRemoves all commands from the specified kit.
/kit command removenucleus.kit.command.remove.baseRemoves a command from the specified kit.
/kit costnucleus.kit.cost.baseSets the cost for a kit.
/kit createnucleus.kit.create.baseOpens a chest window and lets you create a kit through the Minecraft inventory interface.
/kit editnucleus.kit.edit.baseOpens a GUI for editing kit contents.
/kit givenucleus.kit.give.baseRedeems a kit on the specified player.
/kit hiddennucleus.kit.hidden.baseSets whether a kit is displayed in the kit list.
/kit information about the kit.
/kit listnucleus.kit.list.baseLists the kits that are available.
/kit onetimenucleus.kit.onetime.baseSets or unsets a kit as a one time use kit.
/kit permissionbypassnucleus.kit.permissionbypass.baseSets whether a separate permission is required to redeem a kit, if separate permissions is enabled in the config.
/kit removenucleus.kit.remove.baseDeletes a kit.
/kit renamenucleus.kit.rename.baseRenames a kit
/kit resetusagenucleus.kit.resetusage.baseResets a player’s usage of a kit, allowing them to redeem the kit again immediately.
/kit setnucleus.kit.set.baseSets the items in a kit to your current inventory.
/kit setcooldownnucleus.kit.setcooldown.baseSets the cooldown on a kit.
/kit setfirstjoinnucleus.kit.setfirstjoin.baseSets up a kit so it gets redeemed for every new player that joins the server.
/kit toggleredeemmessagenucleus.kit.toggleredeemmessage.baseSets or unsets whether redeeming a kit will notify the target user.
/kit viewnucleus.kit.view.baseView the contents of a kit.

Module: mail

/mailnucleus.mail.baseRetrieves mail that has been sent to you.
/mail clearnucleus.mail.baseClears all mail in your inbox.
/mail othernucleus.mail.other.baseRead others’ mail.
/mail sendnucleus.mail.send.baseSends a mail to the specified player.

Module: message

/helpopnucleus.helpop.baseSend a message to all available staff
/messagenucleus.message.baseSend a message to a player, or the console with “-”.
/msgtogglenucleus.msgtoggle.basePrevent players from private messaging you.
/replynucleus.message.baseSend a message to the last player that sent you a message.
/socialspynucleus.socialspy.baseSee all private messages sent to other players.

Module: misc

/blockinfonucleus.blockinfo.baseGet information about the block you are currently facing.
/entityinfonucleus.entityinfo.baseGet information about the entity you are currently facing.
/extinguishnucleus.extinguish.baseExtinguishes a player that is currently burning
/feednucleus.feed.baseSet specified player’s hunger to full.
/healnucleus.heal.baseFully heal the specified player.
/iteminfonucleus.iteminfo.baseGet information about the item you are currently holding.
/ the current latency for the target player.
/serverstatnucleus.serverstat.baseDisplays server runtime statistics.
/servertimenucleus.servertime.baseDisplays the current server time.
/speednucleus.speed.baseSets or gets the specified player’s walking or flying speed.
/suicidenucleus.suicide.baseKill your player, displaying the Game Over screen.

Module: mob

/spawnmobnucleus.spawnmob.baseSpawns in mobs at the specified player’s location.

Module: mute

/checkmutenucleus.checkmute.baseChecks whether the specified player is muted.
/checkmutednucleus.checkmuted.baseChecks the user cache for muted players.
/globalmutenucleus.globalmute.baseEnable or disable a server wide mute. Anyone that has the permission “” will always have voice.
/mutenucleus.mute.baseMutes the specified player.
/voicenucleus.globalmute.voice.baseAllows a user to speak when a global mute is in effect.

Module: nameban

/namebannucleus.nameban.baseBans a specific IGN (rather than specific player) from joining the server.
/nameunbannucleus.nameban.unban.baseAllows a specific IGN (rather than specific player) to join the server again.

Module: nickname

/delnicknucleus.nick.baseDeletes your current nickname
/nicknucleus.nick.baseSets your nickname/display name
/realnamenucleus.realname.baseGets the player’s realname from the provided nickname.

Module: note

/checknotesnucleus.checknotes.baseAllows the user to check a player’s notes.
/clearnotesnucleus.clearnotes.baseAllows the user to clear a player’s notes.
/notenucleus.note.baseAllows the user to add a note to a player.
/removenotenucleus.removenote.baseAllows the user to delete a specific note attached to a player.

Module: playerinfo

/getfromipnucleus.getfromip.baseGets all users last seen on the specified IP.
/getposnucleus.getpos.baseGets the location of the executing or target player.
/listnucleus.list.baseLists the players on the server.
/seennucleus.seen.baseGets information about the specified player.

Module: powertool

/powertoolnucleus.powertool.baseBinds the item in hand to the specified command.
/powertool deletenucleus.powertool.baseRemoves any powertool bindings to the item in hand.
/powertool listnucleus.powertool.baseLists all current powertools that the user has.
/powertool togglenucleus.powertool.baseToggles whether powertools activate.

Module: rtp

/rtpnucleus.rtp.baseAllows the user to teleport to a random destination within the world border.

Module: rules

/rulesnucleus.rules.baseRead the server rules.

Module: server-list

/serverlistnucleus.serverlist.baseProvides functions for modifying the server list.
/serverlist messagenucleus.serverlist.message.baseAllows for temporary modification of the server list MOTD, on a timed basis.

Module: server-shop

/itembuynucleus.itembuy.baseAllows the user to buy an item from the server for a set price.
/itemsellnucleus.itemsell.baseAllows the user to sell an item in their main hand to the server for a set price.
/itemsellallnucleus.itemsellall.baseAllows the user to sell all items of a set type in their inventory to the server for a set price.
/setworthnucleus.setworth.baseAllows the user to set the buy or sell price of an item.
/worthnucleus.worth.baseAllows the user to display the server buy and sell prices for an item.

Module: spawn

/firstspawnnucleus.firstspawn.baseIf set, warp to the new player spawn point.
/setfirstspawnnucleus.firstspawn.set.baseSets the new player spawn point.
/setfirstspawn delnucleus.firstspawn.remove.baseRemoves the new player spawn point.
/setspawnnucleus.setspawn.baseSets the current world spawn point.
/spawnnucleus.spawn.baseWarp to a world spawn point.
/spawn othernucleus.spawn.other.baseWarp another player to a world spawn point.

Module: staff-chat

/staffchatnucleus.staffchat.baseAllows the user to chat in the staff chat channel.

Module: teleport

/teleportnucleus.teleport.teleport.baseTeleports one player to another’s location.
/tpanucleus.teleport.tpa.baseSend a request to a player to ask for you to teleport to them.
/tpaallnucleus.teleport.tpaall.baseRequest all players on the server to teleport to your location.
/tpacceptnucleus.teleport.tpaccept.baseAccept a pending teleport request.
/tpaherenucleus.teleport.tpahere.baseSend a request to a player to ask them to teleport to you.
/tpallnucleus.teleport.tpall.baseForcefully teleport all players on the server to your location.
/tpdenynucleus.teleport.tpdeny.baseDeny a pending teleport request.
/tpherenucleus.teleport.tphere.baseTeleports a player to your location.
/tpposnucleus.teleport.tppos.baseTeleport to the specified location.
/tptogglenucleus.teleport.tptoggle.baseToggle whether teleport requests are received.

Module: vanish

/vanishnucleus.vanish.baseToggles whether you are invisible on the server.

Module: warn

/checkwarningsnucleus.checkwarnings.baseAllows the user to check a player’s warnings.
/clearwarningsnucleus.clearwarnings.baseAllows the user to clear a player’s warnings.
/removewarningnucleus.removewarning.baseAllows the user to delete a specific warning attached to a player.
/warnnucleus.warn.baseAllows the user to add a warning to a player.

Module: warp

/warpnucleus.warp.baseTeleport to the specified warp.
/warp categorynucleus.warp.category.baseBase command for category management.
/warp category listnucleus.warp.category.list.baseLists all the warp categories in use on the server.
/warp category removedescriptionnucleus.warp.category.description.baseRemoves the description for a category.
/warp category removedisplaynamenucleus.warp.category.displayname.baseRemoves the display name for a category.
/warp category setdescriptionnucleus.warp.category.description.baseSets the description for a category.
/warp category setdisplaynamenucleus.warp.category.displayname.baseSets a display name for a category.
/warp costnucleus.warp.cost.baseSet the cost of the specified warp.
/warp deletenucleus.warp.delete.baseDeletes the specified warp.
/warp listnucleus.warp.list.baseLists all warps on the server.
/warp setnucleus.warp.set.baseSets a warp.
/warp setcategorynucleus.warp.setcategory.baseSets the category of a warp for display in /warp list.
/warp setdescriptionnucleus.warp.setdescription.baseSets or removes (with -r) the description for the warp.

Module: world

/ command for all other world commands.
/world command for world border commands.
/world border any current world border generation.
/world border chunks up to the world border.
/world border the world border to the default width.
/world border the world border.
/world an existing world and registers it
/world a world with the specified name and options.
/world a world from the disc.
/world a world that is unloaded, preventing it from being loaded in future.
/world a world, allowing it to be loaded on demand.
/world a world’s game rules.
/world gamerule the specified world’s game rule.
/world available generators for use when creating a world.
/world information about one world.
/world all worlds.
/world a world that is currently unloaded.
/world available modifiers for use when creating a world.
/world available presets for use when creating a world.
/world you to rename and unloaded world.
/world the difficulty of a world.
/world the gamemode of a world.
/world whether a world has hardcore mode enabled.
/world whether a world will keep the chunks around it’s spawn point loaded.
/world whether a world will load on startup.
/world whether a world has PVP enabled.
/world the spawn point of a world.
/world to world spawn.
/world you, or another player, to the specified world.
/world a world that is currently loaded.

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