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Ask questions and gain prize for the winner



Nocturne123 released this version on Dec 10, 2017

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Version 1.1.0

Tested with Sponge API 5 (MC 1.10.2) and Sponge API 7 (MC 1.12.2)


  • Create question with the command /qt create
    • You no longer need to touch the config file, just follow the instruction !
    • You need the permisson questionstime.command.base to acces the command, and questionstime.command.create to create question
  • Compatible Sponge API 5 (MC 1.10.2)
    • You asked for it, now you have it !
  • Metada/Damage item can now be number !
    • The “text” version is only compatible with Sponge API 7 (MC 1.12.2)


  • If a question had a prize or a malus with money, but the server didn’t have a economy plugin, the next question was never asked.


  • On loading, the plugin’s text in the console are more readable
  • Some minor text changing in the console
PS: I have added many ideas in the todo list, what do you think ?

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