Niebek released this version on Mar 10, 2020

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Version 0.14.0 of Eagle Factions is finally here.

Firstly, this update contains database changes which are not compatible with older plugin versions. Be aware of that.

Moreover, this update contains many bugfixes and improvements. It is recommended to use 0.14.0 over all older releases.

If you find any problems, please post them at Github. :)

Release Notes


  • Integration with MagiBridge.
  • Truce. A new relation to other factions. It is a faction that can’t teleport to your faction’s home and can’t talk with you in alliance chat.
  • Faction parameter to Coords Command which can be used by admins to see coords of the specific faction.
  • Faction parameter to Claim Command so that admins do not need to switch to safezone/warzone to claim territory for these factions.
  • Nearest claim is now showed in the coords command.
  • Percentage damage reduction in own claim. Can be changed in the config file.
  • Config node for preventing build in wilderness. You can now toggle wilderness protection. If turned on, players will need to claim territory first to build in it.
  • Added placeholders to some messages in languages files.


  • General code improvements which can lead to better performance.


  • Replaced Flags Command with Perms Command.
  • Moved worlds config node to separate file called Worlds.conf


  • Fixed bug where faction was not removed from alliances, enemies lists if it was disbanded.
  • Fixed bug where faction home was not removed during territory unclaiming.
  • Fixed bug where PVP-Logger was displayed for all players instead of only the player that was hit.
  • Fixed bug where player’s nickname was sometimes not visible in alliance/faction chat.
  • Fixed bug where admin could not leave safezone/warzone when he/she had leader rank.
  • Fixed bug where players were sometimes not protected in safezone.
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes attacked each other inside faction even if friendly fire was off.

Known bugs:

  • The One Probe is triggering protection system in Eagle Factions when you are looking at a block in protected territory. At this moment, I have no idea how to fix this.
  • Industrial Craft’s Mining Laser is still somehow affecting blocks in protected territory. If you shoot on the side of the claim then blocks will be duplicated. Mining Laser does not trigger Sponge’s Explosion Event. This makes it a little bit harder to fix.

Future Plans:

  • Bringing Friendly Fire Command back
  • and more…