SkyClaims is an Island plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention



Mohron released this version on Nov 17, 2017

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Beta 26.1 - S7.0

REQUIRED: SF build 2688+ & GP build OPTIONAL: Nucleus version 1.2.0+

  • /isa delete is now /is delete and may be used by an island owner to delete their island permanently
    • skyclaims.command.delete allows use of the command
    • skyclaims.admin.delete allows deleting of other player’s islands & use of the clear argument to delete an island without clearing
  • /is lock & /is unlock can now be used by island managers
  • Locking an island will now kick non-members from the island
  • Added skyclaims.admin.kick.exempt - prevents being removed from an island with /is kick and /is lock
  • the “island” command argument will now only tab complete island’s where a user has the required privilege level to run the command unless they have skyclaims.admin.list
  • Fixed an issue with /is expand where it would repeatedly display a confirmation message and not expand the island
  • Fixed automated island cleanup not clearing the region
  • Fixed /is leave & /is kick not using World/Spawn-World when configured
  • Fixed a NoSuchElementException in the Options class
  • Fixed clickable text objects missing hover text