SkyClaims is an Island plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention



Mohron released this version on Sep 23, 2017

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Beta 25 - S7.0

REQUIRED: SF build 2624+ & GP build OPTIONAL: Nucleus version 1.2.0+

  • Added island invite & rank system for working together with other players
    • Added /is invite - skyclaims.command.invite
    • Added /is kick - skyclaims.command.kick
    • Added/is leave - skyclaims.command.leave
    • Added/is promote - skyclaims.command.promote
    • Added/is demote - skyclaims.command.demote
    • Use of GriefPrevention’s /trust & /permissiontrust on an island is handled by /is invite
  • Enhanced /is list and reworked permissions:
    • O - owner, M - manager, or T - trusted (member) now appear in place of L or T when applicable
    • skyclaims.command.list.base - allows a player to use the list command (shows a player’s islands ie. owner, manager, or trusted)
    • skyclaims.command.list.unlocked - allows a player to list all unlocked islands
    • skyclaims.command.list.sort - allows a player to use the list sorting features
    • skyclaims.admin.list - allows a player to list all islands
  • Combined /is info owner & member sections & color coded entries
  • Added Misc/Teleport-on-Creation config to disable automatic teleportation after island creation
  • /is create & /is reset now support generating a clickable list from available schematics
  • Added Void Island Control Schematics to prepackaged schematics
  • Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundsException with the entity limits feature