SkyClaims is an Island plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention



Mohron released this version on Jul 22, 2017

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REQUIRED: SF 2096+ & GP 295+ OPTIONAL: Nucleus 1.0.1+

  • Fixes some entities still not being cleared during island reset/regen
  • Added entity spawn limit capability to islands (disabled by default)
  • Added island expiration and cleanup capability (disabled by default)
  • New options: skyclaims.max-spawns, skyclaims.max-spawns.hostile, skyclaims.max-spawns.passive ,skyclaims.expiration
  • New configs: Entity Limit-Spawning, Max-Hostile, Max-Passives, Max-Spawns, Island-Expiration Enabled, Interval, Threshold
  • Added island entity counts (living, item, & tile) to /is info
  • Added new sort types to /is list: entities-, entities+, tile-, tile+