SkyClaims is an Island plugin that integrates with GriefPrevention



Mohron released this version on Feb 20, 2017

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Manual SQLite file migration required if upgrading from Beta 13 or earlier!

REQUIRED: SF 2096+ & GP 255+ OPTIONAL: Nucleus 0.24.1+

  • Removed deprecated SQLite config and auto file migration
  • Fixed /isa transfer not working when supplied with an owner
  • Fixed /is expand not being able to expand an island to max-size
  • Fixed /is setspawn’s message formatting to not display decimal numbers
  • Fixed /is setspawn not being restricted to an island’s claimed area
  • Fixed system-dependent file separators causing NPE when moving config to different OS
  • Added /is lock [island|all] & /is unlock [island|all] arguments - requires skyclaims.admin.lock
  • Added island lock indicator to is list & is info
  • Added expand (no cost) to admin shortcuts in /is info requires skyclaims.admin.expand
  • Added custom island command argument that accepts a player name or island id
  • Changed /is info to accept an island argument
  • Changed default island lock to true
  • /is spawn can now be used to visit unlocked islands
  • /is list no longer hides locked islands - teleporting now checks lock status & permissions
  • /is list is now sorted alphabetically
  • /is list & /is info now displays “L” or “U” based on the island’s lock setting (click to toggle)
  • Added Nucleus integration: —- /is home & /is sethome now works as a player configurable home when installed