Mineaurion / AurionsVoteListener

A votifier listener for Sponge


What is it?

AurionVoteListener is a plugin to give rewards to player when his voted for your server. It works with NuVotifier. This plugin is a copy of the functionality of GAListener carry under sponge

How it works?

When the player voted, the plugin gives rewards depending on what you have configured, and add the vote. If the player are not online, dont panic, It is added to the waiting list in the database.


  • Give rewards based on the voting site
  • Give extra rewards if players get to luck
  • Show top voters ingame

Config -outdated

here you can find the explanations to configure the rewards

here you can find an exampe of configuration


  • Without permission : /Vote -> Sends the “votemessage” of the config file to the player /Votetop -> Shows the best Voters

  • Command for admin with permission “listener.admin” /Aurions cleartotals -> clear the database for the vote /Aurions clearqueue -> clear the database for the queue without giving any reward /Aurions forcequeue -> clear the database for the queue by giving the rewards /Aurions fakevote <player> [Service Name] -> Execute a fake vote /Aurions set <player> <vote> -> Set vote for a player Use /sponge plugins reload to reload

Downloads If you’d like to download this plugin, you can grab the latest build here

GitHub Repository If you’d like to check out the GitHub Repository, you can do so here

Discord Here

Sponge Version

You can find a version for sponge5 directly on our github here

Planned Features

  • UUID support
  • I accept any other suggestions

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Published on Sep 23, 2018


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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)