Vote to skip the night by sleeping in a bed!



Icohedron released this version on Feb 12, 2018

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Sorry for the long delay since the last update.
If you’re looking for big new features, it’s not here (yet).
However, this version fixes a few things (like making it work for Minecraft 1.12) and ignoring vanished players.


  • Versioning no longer has the -PRE-RELEASE tag. It’s been around for quite a while without any major bugs.
  • Using a new versioning format: a.b.c-Sx.y. “a” changes when the old config no longer works. “b” changes when new features are added that don’t break the old config. “c” changes as bug fixes are added. “-Sx.y” means this version is built around Sponge API x.y
  • Update to Sponge API 7.x (for Minecraft 1.12.x) thanks to BrainStone’s Contribution
  • Exclude vanished players from sleep voting