Vote to skip the night by sleeping in a bed!



Icohedron released this version on Jun 28, 2017

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The optimization update and first pre-release!


  • Removed the default yellow color of the wake up, enter bed, and exit bed messages
  • Added support for Minecraft formatting codes in the aforementioned messages. Formatting codes are prefixed with ‘\u00A7’ instead of ‘ยง’
  • Simplified the permission structure for commands
  • Changed the configuration file to “” so that it’s less confusing
  • Made the ‘status’ command more visually appealing
  • Removed the useless “unhide_warning” configuration property in favor of having more succint and straight-to-the-point messages that say the same thing
  • Added a similar message for the ‘mute’ command if the server has sounds disabled in the configuration file
  • Fixed a bug in which a player was not removed from votes when they got out of bed using unconventional methods
  • Improved performance

Made for Sponge API 5.1.0
Forward compatible up to Sponge API 6.0.0

MD5: 3ea53c88d5495294b386066c60b40887
SHA1: ba68aadc47bfcc51135f188044c0ee1135b50109