IchorPowered released this version on Sep 12, 2020

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Protocol Control v0.0.2

These builds are still unstable and experimental!

This release of Protocol Control aims to clean up a few minor design errors and improve documentation. This release contains some breaking changes. It is highly recommended to update.


  • Adds and updates javadocs over all areas of the project.
  • Adds more exception handling and further details to exception handling over all areas of the project.
  • Adds a condition in the PacketHandler to make sure there are active subscribers listening before handling packets.
  • Renames ProtocolChannel#clear to ProtocolChannel#remove.
  • Removes visibility of the enable, disable and setup methods in classes where they do not need to be public.
  • Removes the property to hold ChannelProfiles as weak values in the channels map.


  • Adds a new maven repository, with documented usage, for publishing builds such as these, including source and javadoc artifacts.
  • Adds a .editorconfig for contributors.