IchorPowered released this version on Jul 2, 2020

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Protocol Control v0.0.1

These builds are still unstable and experimental!

This is the first release of Protocol Control fixing significant problems since the first snapshot. This release contains some breaking changes, which are likely to occur again in future experimental releases. It is highly recommended to update.


  • Fixes protocol injection lifecycle, ensuring the service is provided early and injection of the channels occur slightly later.
  • Fixes packet remapper setters using the incorrect MethodHandle to update fields.
  • Fixes packets sending to the wrong channel when using ChannelProfile#send.


  • Adds ProtocolChannel providing a way to acquire ChannelProfiles. Useful for sending packets through ChannelProfile#send.
  • Adds improved safety checks on API and slight changes to error handling.


  • Adds usage documentation for all implemented features.
  • Relocates the kyori dependencies, avoiding any conflicting versions from other plugins.