A locking plugin to protect your containers.



IchorPowered released this version on Mar 29, 2018

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🔒 Latch v0.4.8 for Sponge API 7

As always I HIGHLY recommend you use the latest build of Sponge matching your version and you keep backups of your lock database!

This is a small update, but important as it fixes a critical issue with donation chests. I also added some more command aliases for those familiar with LWC. I apologize for development being slow due to focusing on my studies so I appreciate everyone’s continued support of Latch. If you have any issues or notice an important feature missing, please report them as I do my best to find time to address these concerns.


  • Add more command aliases for those familiar with LWC such as /cmodify and /cprivate.


  • Fixed an issue where anyone could take items from donation chests due to changes to Sponge’s inventory API and implementation.
  • Added DONATION lock type to suggestions for modify command help.

Code/project changes

  • Updated the Gradle wrapper.
  • Changed some usage of a deprecated method to the suggested version.