Francesco_Jimi released this version on Mar 28, 2021

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  • Fixed an issue where growing trees will bypass place flag in certain situations. Now when a tree, or anything that grows, goes from a region with the place flag set to true to another with the the place flag set to false, and the player who made it grow doesn’t have any permission, the tree/plant/structure… won’t actually grow.
  • Fixed an issue where the place flag ignores modded fluids, allowing them to be placed regardless of its value
  • Improved leaf detection, to make the leaf_decay flag further compatible with modded leaves
  • Changed the order for place and destroy event listeners. They are now set to be run first and before any modifications occurs. This should prevent some desync issues where, for instance, a block is being broken by a player that doesn’t have a permission to do that. On the player’s client the block is missing, while on the server the block is actually still there as intended

This release has no dependencies