Francesco_Jimi released this version on Mar 21, 2021

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Changes in this version

  • Updated API version to 7.3.0, meaning that the plugin is no longer supported for Minecraft 1.10 or in general for servers running a lower, old, version of Sponge. If you experience any issues please make sure you have the updated versions of Sponge running on your servers before submitting them to the Issue Tracker.
  • Mobs will no longer throw projectiles if they are in a region where the mobdamage flag is set to false
  • Flowing flags will now only control the flowing of fluids
  • The place flag will handle placing of fluids from buckets as well
  • The destroy flag will handle the picking up of fluids with buckets as well

Fixes in this version

  • Fixed an issue with crafting and inventory when the crafting table interaction was set to false
  • Fixed an issue with place flag preventing command blocks from placing blocks and potentially prevent plugins from placing/summoning armour stands
  • Fixed an issue with projectiles still doing damage when the mobdamage flag is set to false

Known issues

  • The place flag, if set to false, will still allow placing blocks from Forge Multipart CBE mod. Work for this issue has already started and will likely be patched in next version.
  • Console spam when placing/updating leaves from DynamicTreesBOP mod. This might be a Sponge implementation issue, as noted here. Updates on this will be posted on this open issue when they will be available

This release has no dependencies